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THIS is the moment where you can make a tequila discovery that is going to rock your world and put you on a path to be the tequila hero for your crew.

Why are we saying that?

1.You've probably never heard of TC CRAFT Tequila before. Why? Because we're not some mega brand.

2. But now, you clicked on our ad. Was it fate, destiny. Who knows? But you did and this is that moment where you can discover something new. And that something is amazing.


3. Do you love tequila? Are you interested in trying the smoothest, best-tasting craft-made tequila?


4. And you might ask, how do I know? Great question.


When you walk down the tequila aisle at the liquor store there is really no good way to tell. It is a clear liquid and if you put them all in the same bottle, they would look the same.


But there are real reasons that our tequila is better. And this is no celebrity brand BS.


But don't take our word for it. The tequila drinkers who post reviews on Tequila Matchmaker give TC CRAFT taste ratings higher than Casamigos, Don Julio, and Patron. (A lot higher than Patron, by the way)

5. Why is TC CRAFT better?


- Longer agave growing time.

- No additives of any kind.

- Slow roasting.

- Natural agave yeast.

- Longer aging.

It's not rocket science.


But, if it's no secret, why don't the big tequila brands do it? Answer: money.


It's faster and cheaper to harvest agave sooner, add cheaper gimmick flavors, pressure cook, add industrial yeast, and age for the minimum required by law.

And those differences show up in two ways.


A) First, how smooth it is. If you are tequila lover and you have tried a bunch of tequila brands, you know the tequila cringe when you taste it. And ain't nobody got time for that.

When you make tequila the right way, something amazing happens. There is no cringe. And when you try TC CRAFT for the first time, you will know what ultra-premium craft should be--smooooooooooth.


But, don't take our word for it. Check out our instagram feed. Those are real people, hundreds of them at our tastings and the thing that is most said is "that's smooth."

B) Second, how you feel the morning after.


Let's get real, we love tequila because we love the fun part, but no one wants to end up like Stu in the movie the Hangover.


When you leave out all of the junk, you get a pure botanically based spirit, that doesn't leave you red-eyed and reaching for Pedialyte and a microwave burrito the next day.

We will never cut corners. We do this because we love it.


This project came out of an idea to find the best craft tequila maker in the world and to deliver the smoothest, most amazing tequila to the people who love it.


We started by sharing it with just our friends, and they started sharing it with their friends. So like it says on the bottle: 'Only for Our Friends.'


We invite you to join our circle of friends who love life, love tequila and want only the smoothest finest craft tequila to share.

So, if you want to try the smoothest, best craft tequila made, backed up by gold medals, taste ratings in the tequila community, and thousands of real people on social, click the "Just take me to the Tequila" link below.

Or . . .


start with a little free fun. Click below to take our Tequila Personality Quiz and find out your Tequila Persona.

Why not? The best tequila experience you have ever had with your friends is better than going back to scrolling through anxiety inducing crap on social.

Click below to take our 5 question quiz to know thyself 

and the cocktails that go with. 


(Note: Quiz and analytics certified by Dr. Von Craften, not an actual doctor. This quiz is not endorsed, accepted or even recognized, really, by the APA, AMA, ANA or any other organization. . . . yet)


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*Tequila Matchmaker Feb 2022


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