Our Story

TC Craft Tequila Silver

Our story begins with two brothers from Nashville and a master distiller from Jalisco who had a simple goal—to create the world’s best craft tequila.  That goal led us on a ten year journey and the result is simply the best craft tequila available in America--TC CRAFT.

Working with the leading female distiller in Mexico, we found that we shared similar values and flavor profile preferences. An uncompromising focus on quality, from making sure our tequila is completely pure from start to finish, with slower roasting times, natural yeast fermentation, and longer aging to provide the smoothest tequila drinkability. That philosophy is manifest in every bottle of TC CRAFT.

We use only 8 to 9 year 100% blue weber agave that is grown in the volcanic, red rich soil of the highlands of Jalisco. It is grown with no chemical herbicides or pesticides. We use pure, cool, highland water. Only natural (no industrial) yeast from the agave plant. It is small batch distilled and with the quality of ingredients on the front end, there is no need to over-distill it, leaving the perfect hint of citrus.

With every decision we make, we ask would this be what we would want to serve our friends? That makes things simple and why it says on the back of every bottle "Only for our friends."

We love sharing America’s Best Craft Tequila with you, our friends and invite you to join us in bringing the good times to your friends.


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