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To make the best craft tequila, every detail matters.


Our goal is simple--to deliver the highest quality tequila to you. To accomplish this, everything matters.


The water. The agave. The yeast. The process. The people. The package. And every decision that we make. Only then is it a craft tequila that we will put our names on.


This is quality. This is TC CRAFT.



Our Process

What makes TC CRAFT superior is the quality from start to finish. We use only 9 year, 100% Blue Agave, all natural Agave yeast, and longer aging. You will know the difference the first time you taste it. America’s best ultra premium, super smooth, Craft Tequila.

Gold Medal Tequila
Silver Medal Tequila
Bronze MedalTequila

"The hardest part is deciding which TC Craft to drink, I enjoy the complexities of all of them"

-Mike Wolf (celebrity mixologist, 

author "garden to glass")

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Follow TC Craft Tequila on Instagram

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