TC CRAFT Tequila Blanco

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TC Craft Blanco Tequila is a small-batch, 80-proof tequila made from 100% Blue Weber Agave. The agave is grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, using red volcanic soil and spring water. TC Craft Tequila is certified additive-free and uses natural agave yeast instead of industrial yeast for fermentation.

Try this award-winning Craft Tequila Blanco - An excellent sipping Tequila

It is crystal-clear with a super-smooth flavor and goes down without the “tequila cringe.”  Our Tequila Blanco is the classic margarita tequila and is an excellent choice for uncomplicated cocktails.

Try it in a Fresh Cucumber Margarita, Christmas Cosmo, Bloody Maria, or Aloe Vera Margarita. TC Craft Blanco is also perfect for sipping or shots.

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